Abazoglou, Angelo Toute Une Nuit (All Night Long)
Abbass, Hiam Amreeka, Azur and Asmar (Azur et Asmar), Free Zone, Lemon Tree, Limits of Control, May in the Summer, Miral, Paradise Now, The The Syrian Bride, Visitor
Abbey, John Playtime
Abbott, Bud Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein
Abbott, Diahnne King of Comedy, The The Love Streams
Abbott, Margaret Love Streams
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Airplane!
Abeckaser, Danny A. Holy Rollers
Abel, Dominique L'iceberg, La Fée (The Fairy)
Abel, Jake Flash of Genius, Host, I Am Number Four, The The Lovely Bones
Abelanski, Lionel The The Concert, Zone libre
Åberg, Mariha Container
Abkarian, Simon Ararat, Army of Crime, La Disparue de Deauville, Laurel Canyon, Ni pour~ ni contre (bien au contraire), Persepolis, The The Rage, Wedding Song, Yes
Able, Whitney Mercy, Monsters
Abracos, Tatiana The The Girl From Monday
Abraham, F. Murray Amadeus
Abraham, John Water
Abrahams, Jon Deceit, My Boss's Daughter, Who Do You Love
Abramova, Natasha Stalker
Abrh, Josef Beauty in Trouble
Abrhám, Josef Beauty in Trouble
Abrikosov, Andrei Ivan the Terrible: Part 2
Abril, Victoria Don't Tempt Me (Sin Noticias de Dios), Summer Rain, Teresa
Abutbul, Alon Body of Lies, Nina's Tragedies
Accola, Candice Deadgirl
Accorsi, Stefano Tous les Soleils (All the Suns)
Achdian, Anna Wedding in Galilee
Acker, Jean Spellbound
Ackerman, Rita The The Imperialists are Still Alive!
Ackland, Joss Flawless, How About You?, Moscow Zero, These Foolish Things
Ackles, Jenson My Bloody Valentine 3-D
Acosta, Carlos New York~ I Love You
Acosta, Sergio Curandero
Acquart, Pauline Water Lilies (Naissance des Pieuvres)
Adam, Marie-Christine Priceless (Hors de prix)
Adamov, Jaroslava Zelary
Adams, Amy An Object of Beauty, Catch Me If You Can, Charlie Wilson's War, Daughter of the Queen of Sheba, Doubt, Enchanted, Ex, Fighter, Julie & Julia, Junebug, Leap Year, Man of Steel, Master, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Muppets, Night at the Museum 2: Escape From the Smithsonian, On the Road, Serving Sara, Standing Still, Sunshine Cleaning, The The Ten Best Days of My Life, Trouble with the Curve, Underdog, Untitled Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman project
Adams, Brooke Days of Heaven
Adams, Bryan House of Fools
Adams, Catlin The The Jerk
Adams, Edie The The Apartment, Up in Smoke
Adams, Jane Adaptation, Alexander the Last, Calvin Marshall, Happiness, Lie, Lifelines, The The Restless
Adams, Joey Lauren Big Empty, Chasing Amy, The The Dazed and Confused, Trucker
Adams, Jonathan The The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Adams, Yolanda The The Gospel
Adde, Fabrice Eldorado
Addy, Mark Barney's Version, It's a Wonderful Afterlife, Red Riding: 1983, The The Robin Hood, Time Machine
Addy, Wesley Kiss Me Deadly, Network
Adjani, Isabelle Bon Voyage, Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran, Nosferatu the Vampyre, The The Tenant, VK
Adkins, Seth Hairy Tale, This Must Be the Place
Adkisson, Cynthia Gaia
Adler, Sara Jellyfish (Meduzot)
Ado, Adèle Love and Bruises
Adorf, Mario The The L'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo, Tin Drum
Adrian, Iris The The Paleface
Adrian, Max The The Devils
Adzim, Zahiril Karaoke
Adzovic, Ljubica Time of the Gypsies
Afable, Sean Michael Akeelah and the Bee
Affendi, Amerul Karaoke
Affleck, Ben Argo, Brat Farrar, Burial, Chasing Amy, Clerks II, Company Men, Daredevil, Dazed and Confused, Extract, Gigli, He's Just Not That Into You, Hollywoodland, Jersey Girl, Line of Sight, Man About Town, Nathan Decker, Nowhere Men, Paycheck, Red Rabbit, Smokin' Aces, State of Play, Sum of All Fears, The The Surviving Christmas, Town, Untitled Touchstone Affleck & Damon project, Untitled Warner Bros. Whitey Bulger Biopic
Affleck, Casey Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, F-Word, Gerry, Gone Baby Gone, Killer Inside Me, Kind One, Last Kiss, Lonesome Jim, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Thirteen, Ocean's Twelve, Out of the Furnace, Paradise Lost, ParaNorman, The The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Tower Heist, Untitled Warner Bros. Whitey Bulger Biopic, World of Tomorrow 2, Young Ones
Agac, Ilyas Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death
Agapova, Lyubov Lilya 4-Ever
Agar, John She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Agardy, Gabor The The Round-Up
Agbayani, Tetchie Independencia
Aghdashloo, Shohreh Adjustment Bureau, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Lake House, Nativity Story, No Game, The The Stoning of Soraya M., X-Men: The Last Stand
Aguilera, Christina Burlesque, Get Him to the Greek
Agustin, Victor La Tragedia de Macario
Agutter, Jenny An American Werewolf in London, Walkabout
Ahlberg, Elin Fjorton Suger (Fourteen Sucks)
Ahlstedt, Börje Fanny & Alexander, I Am Curious (Yellow), Saraband
Ahlstedt, Börje Fanny & Alexander, I Am Curious (Yellow), Saraband
Ahmarani, Paul Congorama
Ahmed, Riz , Black Gold, The The Four Lions, Trishna, Untitled Focus Features John Crowley
Ahmed, Shafik Murderers (Meurtrieres)
Ai, Hsiao Time to Live and the Time to Die, The
Aiello, Danny Do the Right Thing, Jacob's Ladder, Moonstruck, The The Purple Rose of Cairo
Aiken, Liam Fay Grim, Girls Against Boys, Good Boy!, Killer Inside Me, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, The The Road to Perdition
Aim, Anouk , ...And They Lived Happily Ever After, 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, Lola, Tous les Soleils (All the Suns)
Aimée, Anouk ...And They Lived Happily Ever After, 8 1/2, Ces amours-là, La Dolce Vita, Lola, Tous les Soleils (All the Suns)
Aizemberg, Adriana Family Law (Derecho de familia)
Ajaye, Franklyn Car Wash
Akan, Tarik Yol
Akbari, Maryam The The Song of Sparrows
Akerman, Chantal Je Tu Il Elle
Akerman, Malin 27 Dresses, A Little Something for Your Birthday, Bang Bang Club, Brothers Solomon, Catch .44, Cottage Country, Couples Retreat, Elektra Luxx, Giant Mechanical Man, HappyThankYouMorePlease, Heartbreak Kid, Invasion, Numbers Station, Proposal, Rock of Ages, The The Romantics, Wanderlust, Watchmen
Akerman, Natalie Toute Une Nuit (All Night Long)
Akhta, Adeel Four Lions
Akinshina, Oksana Bourne Supremacy, Hipsters, Lilya 4-Ever, The The Moscow Zero
Akleh, Nazih Wedding in Galilee
Akoskin, Lucas The The Doorman
Aksoy, Saadet Isil Yumurta
Alan, Devon Undertow
Alandh, Lissi Froeken Julie (Miss Julie)
Alaoui, Morjane Martyrs
Alba, Jessica An Invisible Sign, Awake, Escape From Planet Earth, Eye, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, Good Luck Chuck, Honey, Into the Blue, Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Love Guru, Machete, Meet Bill, Sin City, Sonic, Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, Surprise Party (remake), The The Ten, Untitled Beautiful Killer comic book adaptation, Valentine's Day
Alban, Carlo Strangers with Candy, Whip It!
Albelli, Sergio Miracle at St. Anna