Crazy and Thief

Crazy and Thief

Release Date: 2013-03-15
NYC and/or LA Release



Film Genre(s): Fantasy

United States


A seven year old girl takes her two year old brother on a voyage of chance and fantasy. They begin their journey by following a star chart that they had created by splashing paint on an old envelope. They search city streets, store windows and garbage for star shaped images that coincide with the dots on their map. On their adventure they meet a one eyed man who they view as a dangerous cyclops. In an attempt to connect with the children the cyclops tries to describe a nativity scene, but without all the facts. The children’s interpretation of his story sends them on a quest to find a time machine in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Crazy and Thief is the third feature film by writer/director Cory McAbee. This micro-budget mini-feature has quickly become a favorite among festivals worldwide. It has Crazy and Thief has been called “a delightful surprise” and “quite unlike anything you’ll ever see,” while the NYC Lincoln Center refers to McAbee as “one of the largely unsung treasures of the contemporary American indie film scene.” American indie film


This received a New Visions Award at Sitges International Film Fest.