Small Apartments

Small Apartments

Release Date: 2013-02-19
NYC and/or LA Release


Film Genre(s): Comedy, Crime

United States


Based on Chris Millis' novel and penned by the author himself, inside his rundown, small apartment on the south side of Los Angeles, Franklin Franklin (Matt Lucas) dreams of spooning with his mighty alphorn deep in the tall grass beside a clear, alpine lake in the perfect nation of Switzerland. The only problem is, Franklin has just killed his landlord, Mr. Olivetti (Peter Stormare), and needs to figure out how to get away with it. Complicating Franklin’s plans are his neighbors: Tommy Balls (Johnny Knoxville), the slacker pothead, Mr. Allspice (James Caan), the old, nosy, know-it-all who monitors everyone’s movements in the building, and Francine (Saffron Burrows) and Simone (Juno Temple), the hard-working MILF and her daughter—who’s nothing but hot, teenage trouble. Franklin’s plan to dispose of Mr. Olivetti is not without its flaws and soon L.A. County Fire Investigator, Burt Walnut (Billy Crystal), and a pair of bumbling detectives are close on Franklin’s heels. All the while, Franklin receives recorded “life-coaching” advice from his brother, Bernard (James Marsden), a resident of the local insane asylum. Bernard’s audiotapes are stuffed into envelopes with regular shipments of toenails and sound strangely like the teachings of world-renowned TV mental guru, Dr. Sage Mennox (Dolph Lundgren). Just when things look bleakest for Franklin, when there seems no way for his escape, and just as each of his neighbors close in on their own destiny, Franklin gets a surprise he never saw coming. And suddenly, that advice from his loony-bin brother doesn’t sound so crazy after all.