The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The

Release Date: 2012-12-14
Wide Release


Film Genre(s): Adventure, Fantasy, 3D

United States


Co-written by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens and Guillermo del Toro, this is based on the novel (the prelude to the LOTR trilogy), the two films will revisit Middle Earth, where the young hobbit Bilbo undertakes an adventure with Gandalf to recover a hoard of treasure, whereupon he discovers the One ring.


  • Variety reports that Time Warner is close to purchasing MGM which could give New Line worldwide theatrical and television rights to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. - 2004-07-19
  • The Hollywood Reporter reports that after failing to come to an agreement over issues related to LOTR legal issues that Peter Jackson is no longer interested in directing the project. - 2006-11-21
  • Screen Daily reports that New Line has signed deals with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens will collaborate with Guillermo del Toro on the screenplay adaptation. - 2008-08-20
  • Silas Lesnick reports that the film does not have a start date, nor will it until MGM sorts out its financial troubles. - 2010-06-01
  • Deadline reports that the two studios behind the anticipated prequel, Warner Bros. and MGM, are working hard on getting Jackson to change his mind and direct the two movies. - 2010-06-15
  • New Line/MGM announced that The Hobbit films have received the green light and will begin principal photography in February 2011, under the direction of Peter Jackson. - 2010-10-15
  • New Line/Warner Bros./MGM announces that James Nesbitt has joined the cast. - 2010-11-01
  • Writer Peter Jackson confirms that Ian Holm is returning to pic. - 2011-04-22
  • Director, Peter Jackson, announces that Dean O'Gorman and Lee Pace are joining the cast. - 2011-04-30