The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

Release Date: 2013-07-03
Wide Release



Film Genre(s): Western

United States


Scripted by Justin Haythe, The Lone Ranger's origin story begins with a group of Texas Rangers chasing down a gang of outlaws led by Butch Cavendish. The gang ambushes the Rangers, seemingly killing them all. One survivor is found, however, by an American Indian named Tonto, who nurses him back to health. The Ranger, donning a mask and riding a white stallion named Silver, teams up with Tonto to bring the unscrupulous gang and others of that ilk to justice.


  • Variety reports that David Webb Peoples will adapt the project for Columbia Pictures and Red Wagon Entertainment. - 2003-05-09
  • The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are in final negotiations to write the project for Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer Films' Mike Stenson and Chad Oman are executive producing. - 2008-03-27
  • Variety reports that Johnny Depp will play Tonto. - 2008-09-24
  • Walt Disney Pictures announced that Gore Verbinksi is now officially signed on to direct. - 2010-11-23
  • Variety reports that Armie Hammer is the frontrunner to take on the title role in this pic. - 2011-04-27
  • Variety reports that Armie Hammer has signed on to play title role, opposite Johnny Depp. - 2011-05-18
  • Variety reports that Tom Wilkinson is in early talks to join this pic. - 2011-06-22
  • Deadline reports that Ruth Wilson is in talks for leading lady. - 2011-07-12
  • Deadline and Variety report that the studio has halted production due to ballooning production costs - delay of production remains to be seen - release date now uncertain. - 2011-08-12
  • Deadline confirms that Tom Wilkinson is back aboard and that the Jerry Bruckheimer production is keen on getting back everyone who was originally attached. - 2011-12-07