We Are Marshall

We Are Marshall

Release Date: 2006-12-22
Wide Release



Film Genre(s): Drama

United States


Based on a story by Cory Helms and Linden, the movie is about events following the 1970 plane crash that killed members of the West Virginia-based Marshall football team, along with most of its coaching staff, sports commentators and many of its local boosters. McConaughey plays a determined coach named Jack Lengyel, who tries to rebuild the team. Fox is playing coach Red Dawson, who works with Lengyel.


  • Variety reports that McG is set to direct Matthew McConaughey in the project for Basil Iwanyk and McG will produce. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in the spring on location in West Virginia, utilizing the Marshall campus and environments. - 2006-01-30
  • The Hollywood Reporter reports that Matthew Fox is joining the pic - he will play coach Red Dawson, who works with Lengyel. - 2006-02-01
  • The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Strathairn is joining the pic - Strathairn will play Marshall University president Dedmon, who is profoundly affected by the loss of the team. - 2006-02-22
  • Variety reports that Warner Bros. Pictures has cast Ian McShane - he will portray a steel mill executive who deals with losing a son in the crash while serving as an influential university board member constantly challenging attempts to resurrect the football program. - 2006-04-18