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Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2018: Picks 200 to 101

Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2018: Picks 200 to 101

For our annual list of 100 most anticipated items in world cinema, we’ve partnered with Mubi for our 2018 edition. The vaunted streaming service, responsible for bringing Akihiko Shiota’s Wet Woman in the Wind and Philippe Garrel’s Lover for a Day to US distribution this past year, is a passionate platform for films with subtitles, and they retain an unparalleled library of foreign language cinema titles which remain obsolete and obscure to other comparable streaming venues. Mubi’s veneration for auteur driven world cinema allowed for an esteemed partnership on this year’s curtain raiser for the cinema poised to stir us over the coming year.

Over the next week, we’ll unveil our most anticipated foreign language titles of 2018, featuring the usual suspects like Isabelle Huppert, as well as illustrious main players like Juliette Binoche, Robert Pattinson, and Adam Driver all appearing several times on our list. While we await our five day countdown (beginning Monday, at noon on January 1st), feast your eyes on the top 200-101. Thanks for your patronage.

Mubi &

As is our tradition, we’ve formulated a list of 200 foreign language titles to anticipate in the coming year. For items 200-101, we’ve simply compiled a list of titles poised to make their premiere somewhere along the festival route or in their respective domestic countries over the course of 2018. Not quite making our cut (including the continually impressive Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who unveiled two titles in 2016 and just recently finished a television series, premiered Before We Vanish in Cannes, 2017, and whose Forbidden is about to premiere in Berlin), we still await the unveiling of two projects from Gyorgy Palfi (His Master’s Voice and Forever), yet another project from Italy’s Paolo Virzi (who just premiered The Leisure Seeker in Venice) with Magic Nights, while actors Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas may both be ready with directorial efforts (The White Crow and The Sea Change, respectively).

A few noted Canadian directors appear in this portion of the list (including Denys Arcand, Matthew Rankin, Sébastien Pilote, Kim Nguyen, Francois Delisle), while some up-and-coming Russian directors (Yuriy Bykov, Alexander Zeldovich) are also readying their next features, and a whole slew of French artists.

#200. The 20th Century – Matthew Rankin
#199. Deux fils – Felix Moati
#198. In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry – Girogos Panousopoulos
#197. Borough Park – Michael Boganim
#196. Stray – Dustin Feneley
#195. Lara – Jan Ole-Gerster
#194. PEARL – Elsa Amiel
#193. Le Jeu – Fred Cavaye
#192. Farming – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
#191. Yuzai – Takahisa Zeze
#190. My Initiation in Shamans – Fabienne Berthaud
#189. Angelique’s Isle – Michelle Derosier & Marie-Helene Cousineau
#188. Brighton 4 – Levan Koguashvili
#187. Blue Igauna – Hadi Hajaig
#186. We Watched the Sun Disappear – Jonas Alexander Arnby
#185. Subs – Oskar Roehler
#184. Apple of My Eye – Yaron Shani
#183. Work Without Author – Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
#182. My Brother Robert – Philip Groning
#181. And Breathe Normally – Isold Uggadottir
#180. Black 47 – Lance Daly
#179. A Sombra do Pai – Gabriela Amaral
#178. A Sweet Life – Niu Han
#177. Swimming With Men – Oliver Parker
#176. Incident in a Ghost Land – Pascal Laugier
#175. The Devil Outside – Andrew Hulme
#174. Sleeping or Waking – Ryusuke Hamaguchi
#173. Boarding School – Boaz Yakin
#172. Golem – Dominik Graf
#171. Where Hands Touch – Amma Asante
#170. Solid – Olivier Dahan
#169. The Hummingbird Project – Kim Nguyen
#168. Backstabbing for Beginners – Per Fly
#167. GLO – Keith Behrman
#166. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mike Newell
#165. Dilili a Paris – Michel Ocelot
#164. The Law of Thermodynamics – Mateo Gil
#163. Animals – Sophie Hyde
#162. Hier – Balint Kenyeres
#161. Pilgrim – Avi Nesher
#160. Museo – Alonso Ruizpalacios
#159. The Postcard Killings – Janusz Kaminski
#158. Troisemes Noces – David Lambert
#157. Andorra – Fred Schepisi
#156. Best Day of My Life – Fabien Constant
#155. A People and Its King – Pierre Schoeller
#154. The White Crow – Ralph Fiennes
#153. Amanda – Mikhael Hers
#152. The Translators – Regis Roinard
#151. Mary, Queen of Scots – Josie Rourke
#150. The Sea Change – Kristin Scott Thomas
#149. Scarborough – Barnaby Southcombe
#148. Pity – Babis Makidris
#147. The Prayer – Cedric Kahn
#146. La disparition des lucioles – Sébastien Pilote
#145. Una Periodista – Alejandro Fernandez Almendras
#144. Le triomphe de l’argent – Denys Arcand
#143. Jessica Forever – Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel
#142. Secrets from the Russian Tea Room – Lone Scherfig
#141. Ophelia – Claire McCarthy
#140. X. – Karoly Ujj Meszaros
#139. Untitled Samurai Film – Shinya Tsukamoto
#138. Gauguin – Edouard Deluc
#137. Belleville Cop – Rachid Bouchareb
#136. Lady Winsley – Hineer Saleem
#135. Die, Monster, Die – Alejandro Fadel
#134. Amen – Joao Canijo
#133. Swinging Safari – Stephen Elliott
#132. Lemonade – Ioana Uricaru
#131. The Art of Compromise – Patrice Leconte
#130. The Palace – Anthony Maras
#129. Ulysse et Mona – Sebastien Betbeder
#128. The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea – Syllas Tzoumerkas
#127. Psychokinesis – Yeon Sang-ho
#126. Territories – David Oelhoffen
#125. Tijuana Bible – Jean-Charles Hue
#124. Magic Nights – Paolo Virzi
#123. The Fortune – Yuriy Bykov
#122. Black Dog – George Walker Torres
#121. Vita & Virginia – Chanya Button
#120. Un Amour Impossible – Catherine Corsini
#119. Queen of Ice – Anna Sewitsky
#118. Blindspotting – Carlos Lopez Estrada
#117. Cash Nexus – Francois Delisle
#116. The Sweet Life – Alexander Zeldovich
#115. The Emperor of Paris – Francois Richet
#114. The Book of Vision – Carlo Hintermann
#113. The Night Eats the World – Dominique Rocher
#112. Love 1: Dog – Florin Serban
#111. Gangsta – Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah
#110. Untitled Sion Sono Project – Sion Sono
#109. Cook Fuck Kill – Mira Fornay
#108. Temblores – Jayro Bustamente
#107. The Miracle of Crybaby Shottan – Toshiyaki Toyoda
#106. Girls of the Sun – Eva Husson
#105. Forever – Gyorgy Palfi
#104. His Master’s Voice – Gyorgy Palfi
#103. The Mercy – James Marsh
#102. Where is Anne Frank? – Ari Folman
#101. Long Day’s Journey Into Night – Bi Gan

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