Le Fils (The Son)

Le Fils (The Son)

Release Date: 2002-10-23
Wide Release

Film Genre(s): Drama



In The Son, Gourmet plays the role of a carpenter teaching young delinquents. A sombre and mysterious character, he is scarred by a heavy secret, a wound that opens once again with the arrival of a new student. The camera tracks him nervously, glued to his massive frame, spying on the game of cat and mouse that develops between the two men, a tormented duel that has its roots mired in an old drama marked by mourning, vengeance and guilt. In doing so, the Dardenne brothers strive to "calculate the distance separating the two men, as well as the weight of the secret that binds them." They use their camera with clinical precision, carefully evaluating the distance between the characters by following their movements, twitches and hesitations, translating emotions that have for so long been stifled by their pain.


Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne won the Golden Palm for Rosetta at the Cannes film festival (1999).