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Interview: Amy Seimetz, Kate Lyn Sheil, Kentucker Audley (Sun Don’t Shine)

In actor/producer Amy Seimetz’s Sun Don’t Shine, a lost and forlorn couple, Crystal and Leo (exquisitely played by Kate Lyn Sheil and Kentucker Audley) are on the run, but it’s not clear from what. Seimetz filmed in Central Florida where she grew up; you can see the summer heat draining the life out of Sheil and Audley’s desperate faces.

Sheil and Audley’s chemistry seethes with lust and abandon, a fact they attribute to trusting Seimetz completely. Seimetz explained that the film originated from a recurring nightmare; the foreboding feeling that permeates every scene feels like a dream, but one soaked in menace, one that is all too real. In the interview, Seimetz, Sheil and Audley talk about studying mug shots for inspiration, the thrill of shooting on film, and how to embed a horror movie in a romance. Editor’s note: Interview took place during the 2012 SXSW Film Festival.

Jesse Klein (MFA in Film and Video Production from The University of Texas at Austin) is a Montreal-born filmmaker and writer. His first feature film, Shadowboxing, (RVCQ '10, Lone Star Film Festival '10) . As well as contributing to IONCINEMA, he is the senior contributor to This Recording and writes for ION Magazine and Hammer to Nail. Top Films From Contemporary Film Auteurs: Almodóvar (All About My Mother), Coen Bros. (Fargo), Dardenne Bros. (Rosetta), Haneke (The White Ribbon), Hsiao-Hsien (Flowers of Shanghai), Kar-wai (In The Mood For Love), Kiarostami (Close-Up), Lynch (Blue Velvet), Tarantino (Jackie Brown), Van Sant (To Die For), von Trier (Breaking The Waves)

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