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Barrymore to ‘Whip’ Page


Barrymore to ‘Whip’ Page

Hot on the heels of her star making turn in Juno, Ellen Page has signed for the lead role in Mandate Pictures’ Whip It! – to be directed by Drew Barrymore. It will be her directorial debut.

The film follows a young Texas teen, Bliss, who rebels against her beauty pageant obsessed parents and enters the female roller derby circuit. The film is penned by Derby star Shauna Cross- a.k.a Maggie Mayhem

Originally set to roll at Warner Bros. – the film re-teams star Page with Mandate, which was also the company behind Juno.

Whip It! sounds like a potentially interesting project, but a film set in the Roller Derby world seems a tad out of date. For a brief period in the late seventies/ early eighties, Roller Derby was everywhere. Raquel Welsh even starred in a big Roller Derby film called Kansas City Bomber. The fad petered out once disco died. If they make this a period film it could be a lot of fun. If it’s contemporary than it might be in for trouble- as there’s no one out there who really cares about Roller Derby anymore.

It sounds to me like Mandate is trying to get themselves another Juno, with Page once again playing a quirky teen. It might work, as Page is definitely a hot property these days. Whether or not Barrymore has any talent behind the camera remains to be seen, and I don’t think Barrymore’s a particularly great actress. Then again, I wasn’t a Ben Affleck fan either, but his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, turned out to be one of my favorite films of the year.

Go figure.

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