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Berlinale Co-production Market: Established directors use resource for financing new projects

Like the Sundacne lab experience and what the Rotterdam film festival does for burgeoning filmmakers with CineMart, the Berlinale Co-production Market (a 3-day event that takes place between the 10th-12th of Feb) is (as this year proves) an important manner in which to find production dollars for international film projects by high-caliber directors and new filmmakers. Take a look at this year’s list (you’ll find some familiar names) below – 35 were chosen out of almost 400 projects. 

Projects for the Berlinale Co-Production Market 2008

(listed alphabetically by production company)
(Director: Andrei Zvyagintsev), A-One Films, Russia/MACT, France

Carpet Boy (Director: Deepa Mehta), Arsam & Lucid Pictures,
The Last Mission (Director: Agnieszka Holland), Bow
and Axe Entertainment, Poland
Blanco (Director: Christophe Van
Rompaey), CCCP, Belgium
The Visitor (Director: Aaron Woodley),
Creative Engine Pictures, Canada The Famous and the Dead (Director: Esmir
Filho), Dezenove Som e Imagens, Brazil
Lake Erie (Director: Jeremiah
Chechik), Echo Lake Entertainment/New Real Films, US/Canada
Bad Faith (Director: Kristian Petri), Eight Millimetres/St. Paul Film, Sweden

Nuclear Family (Director: Melanie Rodriga), Factor 30/Washington Arts
Films, Australia/US
Four Corners (Director: Ian Gabriel), Giant
Films/Moonlighting Films, South Africa
Overboard (Director:
Constantine Giannaris), Highway Productions, Greece
Between Two Fires (Director: Agnieszka Lukasiak), Hob AB, Sweden
Mr. Nice (Director:
Bernard Rose), Independent, UK
City Island (Director: Raymond
De Felitt), Lucky Monkey Pictures, US
Plastic Sheets and Cardboard
(Director: Michal Aviad), Metro Communications, Israel
Salt (Director: Priscill Cameron), Mosquito Films, Australia
My Brother
(Director: Philip Gröning), Philip Gröning Filmproduktion, Germany

The Girls of Alburquerque (Director: Anna Di Francisca), Pixstar,
Outskirts (Director: Anatol Reghintovschi), Saga Film, Romania

Eternal Forest (Director: Katsumi Sakaguchi), Supersaurus,
Play Off (Director: Eran Riklis), Topia Communications, Israel

Rotterdam-Berlinale Express
Rhapsody (Director:
Gillies MacKinnon), Grand Pictures, Ireland
Man in Tears (Director:
Fran Torres) Ikiru Films, Spain
Aurora (Director: Cristi Puiu),
Mandragora, Romania

World Cinema Market
The Hunter (Director: Rafi
Pitts), AMA Media Productions, Iran

Talent Project Market
(listed alphabetically by
Field of Blackbirds (Producer: Ewa Borowski), Germany

Carribean Chronicles (Producer: Jean des Forets), France

English Rose (Writer/Director: Hope Dickson Leach, Producer: Jennifer
Westin), UK/US
Squire Musa (Writer/Director: Othman Karim), Sweden

The Scream of the Butterfly (Writer/Director/Producer: Kirsi Marie
Liimatainen), Finland
Black South-Easter (Writer/Director: Carey
McKenzie), South Africa
Susa (Producer: Rusudan Pirveli), Georgia

The Conqueror (Writer/Director/Producer: Alka Raghuram), India

Arches (Writer/Director/Producer: Maria Laura Ruggiero), Argentina

Tony Ten (Producer: Marleen Slot), The Netherlands


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