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Live from Cannes: Dispatch 2

Hello again, I'm back. Well after a strong opening, many films in the competition failed to impress the critics and the audiences. Many have have been wondering how those films got selected. These include "Selon Charlie (Charlie Says)" by Nicole Garcia, "Fast Food Nation" by Richard Linklater and "Southland Tales" by Richard Kelly. So far "Volver" by Pedro Almodovar is in the running for the awards. However it doesn't mean anything. Last year "Caché" was in the same position only to loose to "L'enfant" which was also poorly reviewed.

It's up in the air what goes in the mind of the jury since the president Wong Kar Wai didn't set any criteria for the jury to select a film. Given the fact that his films relies on mood, atmosphere and emotions, I guess that will be the criteria. So my hunch is so far "Volver" and "Babel" but that remains to be seen. Reviews of the films are available from the thousands of the critics. Check for mine later once I'm back to reality where I will have more time. Au revoir!

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