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NMFF: Luc Picard’s L’audition

Perhaps one of Quebec’s top dramatic actors, Luc Picard’s went behind the camera for his directorial debut. The drama with flourishes of comedic elements is about getting out of one type of business without ever being able to leave it. L’audition received its red-carpet last night. From (L), Alexis Martin,
Suzanne Clément, Luc Picard and Denis Bouchard (R).

Actor/director: Luc Picard

Actress: Suzanne Clément

The only Canadian film in the competition, this sees Louis, 40 years old, is a bit of a braggart who has long nurtured a childhood dream: to become an actor. Thanks to a cousin of his, he is asked to audition for a somewhat unusual part: a father videotaping a final message for his son. Louis rehearses the scene in secret, and doesn’t even tell his girlfriend Suzie what he’s up to. Suzie also has a secret of her own: she is pregnant with Louis’ child. However, given his lifestyle, Suzie isn’t really sure she wants to raise her child with Louis. In the end, everything works out for the best: Louis passes the audition, and Suzie decides to stay with him and start a family. However, Louis’s past is about to catch up with him…

Actor: Denis Bouchard

Photos by Pierre-Alexandre Despatis (c) 2005.

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