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Two Indie Queens Join Forces for ‘Divorce Ranch’

With his last project dating all the way back to 2001, how suiting a title for a director we thought might have ‘divorced’ himself from filmmaking business altogether. Variety reports that Chloe Sevigny (Kids, Boys Don’t Cry) and Zooey Deschanel (All The Real Girls, The Go-Getter) will join forces in Divorce Ranch, an indie comedy written, directed and produced by longtime British television and stage director Michael Lindsay-Hogg (Let It Be). The film will be also be produced by Anne Clement (Quinceañera).

Sevigny will be playing an single mother and actress who comes to post-WWII Nevada with the scheme to marry a rich man during a time when hasty divorces could be taken care of after residency had been settled. Deschanel will be playing her assistant.

Both actresses have been keeping busy lately with a plethora of projects of their plates. Indie starlet Sevigny begins filming the comedy Barry Munday with Patrick Wilson later this year. She will also appear in the third season of the popular HBO polygamy series, Big Love. The veteran fashionista recently released a clothing line for the New York boutique Opening Ceremony.

Deschanel’s collaborative album with M. Ward was released last month under the name She & Him, entitled Volume One. The indie darling is currently filming the romantic comedy Gigantic with Paul Dano.  In June, she will appear in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening and  will co-star with Jim Carrey in Yes Man, opening in December.

Divorce Ranch begins shooting in September.

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