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Weekly Eye Candy: 42 Below One Dream Rush

The pitch is simple. The line-up is impressive. 42 directors explore their dreams (add fantasies and day dreams to the signification of dreams) in 42 seconds. As a trailer that announces the project, this merits our Eye Candy mention of the week. Sponsored by the vodka brand 42 Below, so far, the site is far from the magical number of 42 participants, names like Lynch and Carlos Reygadas have yet to post their contribution, but a quick look around and we can find some noteworthy pieces such as Alishan which includes a mode of transportation, something that always seems to be found in my dreams. Weekly Eye Candy 

The pitch is simple. The line-up is impressive. 42 directors explore their dreams in 42 seconds. I’m not sure what relation the 4 minute trailer (see below) has to do with the individual works, but the concept alone merits our Eye Candy mention of the week. Visit the site here. Sponsored by the vodka brand 42 Below, this project includes some bona-fide stars in the auteur cinema field and a good portion of plenty unknowns. Among the names that I consider myself a fan we have the likes of David Lynch and Carlos Reygadas, but we’ll be looking out for those in the near future since they have yet to post their contribution, but a small sampling is available on the site. Among those available, we have what I would call more of a day dream from Asia Argento‘s part “S/He” – her curiosity on transexuals was the basis of her film, but I would point you guys towards “Alishan” from Yung Chang (the helmer behind the docu film Up the Yangtze). Here are the list of participants:

Kenneth Anger (Youtube)
Grant Morrison: The 42nd Minute (Youtube),
Matt Pyke, UK,
Chris Milk, USA, “Last Day Dream” (Youtube),
Dee Poon, China, “An Exercise in Futility” (feat. Chun Xiao),
Arden Wohl, USA, “Jacobian”,
Asia Argento, Italy, “S/He”,
Zhang Yuan, China,
Michele Civetta, Italy, “Astarte”,
Florian Habicht, New Zealand, Liebestraume,
Taika Waititi, New Zealand, “Last Night”,
Yung Chang, China/Canada, “Alishan”,
Abel Ferrera, USA,
Sergei Bodrov, Russia/USA,
David Lynch, USA,
Larry Clark, USA,
Chan Marshall, Charles Burnett, USA,
Joe Coleman, USA,
Terence Koh, China/Canada,
Carlos Reygadas, Mexico,
Zachary Croitoroo, USA,
Rinko Kikuchi, Japan,
Mike Figgis, UK,
Tadanobu Asano, Japan,
Griffin Marcus, USA,
Brian Butler, USA,
Rajan Mehta, Floria Sigismondi, Italy/USA,
Sean Lennon, USA,
Leos Carax, France,
James Franco, USA,
Niki Caro, New Zealand,
Lou Ye, China,
Harmony Korine, USA,
Lola Schnabel, USA,
Mote Sinabel, Japan,
Chris Graham, New Zealand,
Jonathan Caouette, USA,
Gaspar Noe, Argentina/France,
Jonas Mekas, Lithuania/USA 






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