2013 Cannes Film Festival Predictions: Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years A Slave

Steve McQueen's Twelve Years A Slave

#56. Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years A Slave

Gist: After the divisive and award-winning Shame from 2011, McQueen’s latest is a period piece set in the 1800s about a man from the north who is kidnapped and sold into slavery in the deep south on a plantation in Louisana and its loaded with Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Quvenzhane Wallisi, Paul Dano, Alfre Woodard.

Prediction: After premiering Hunger in the Un Certain Regard section and skipping out on the fest with his last, Fox Searchlight just announced a December release date and THR updated the status of the pic stating that this won’t be in time. We were thinking a definite Main Comp showing but now the chances are slim. Look for Venice, TIFF and/or NYFF for its North American premiere.

Moen Mohamed is a Toronto-based cinephile/journalist for IONCINEMA.com, covering film festivals such as Hot Docs and the Cannes film festival. Top Films From Contemporary Film Auteurs: Almodóvar (LIVE FLESH), Coen Bros. (FARGO), Dardenne Bros. (ROSETTA), Haneke (CODE INCONNU), Hsiao-Hsien (THE PUPPETMASTER), Kar-wai (IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE), Kiarostami (WHERE IS THE FRIEND'S HOME?), Lynch (MULHOLLAND DR), Tarantino (JACKIE BROWN), Van Sant (GERRY), von Trier (DOGVILLE)

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