Exclusive: Michaël Youn’s Jacky Goes Down on One’s Knees…and in Flames in “Le Chef”

Le Chef

I think when Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table! (otherwise known as Me, Myself and Mum) not only took home the top prizes in the Directors’ Fortnight but several months down the road beat out Stranger at the Lake and Blue is the Warmest Color for the top prize at the César Awards, it might have made a case for French comedies, which for some reason I have a prejudice against. Flash back to the year before he made his third Luc Besson film – The Professional, Jean Reno hit paydirt with Les visiteurs — a travel-in-time buddy-com. Two decades later we find him in the gastronomic comedy, the 2012 item which goes by Le Chef. The Franco friendly distrib folks in the Cohen Media Group are taking Daniel Cohen’s laugher one out of the oven this Friday, June 27th in NYC and opening in select theaters nationwide. In the clip below, we find adulterer Michaël Youn’s character attempting to play his ace card in the shape of a sugary creation.

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