Dressing for the Occasion: Leo Leigh’s Docu Features a Ping Pong Stylin’ Marty Reisman


Not alike the world chess player superstars or the pool cue strutting creation of The Color of Money’s Fast Eddie Felson, eccentric legends are indeed born and bred in the unlikeliest of sports and settings. After releasing Michael Tully’s ode to the 80’s and the racket sport in Ping Pong Summer, the Gravitas Ventures are serving auds with a second match of table tennis personas with Leo Leigh’s Fact or Fiction: The Life and Times of a Ping Pong Hustler – the last stages of his life portrait of one Marty Reisman, who appears to have parlayed a passion for a plastic ball into a way to make some dollars on the side. The docu preems on VOD on August 1st, and is available for preorder on iTunes. Here is an exclusive look.

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