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Blowing Horn: Paul Rudd to Find Divine Truth in Alex Scharfman’s “Death of a Unicorne”

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After a decade of producing (beginning with The Heart Machine and more recently Resurrection), American indie producer Alex Scharfman is getting behind the camera for his feature debut – an A24 comedy that Production Weekly lists as a feature that Paul Rudd will topline. Set to go into production this July in Budapest, Death of a Unicorne will be produced by Square Peg’s Ari Aster and Secret Engine’s Lucas Joaquin. Expect further casting news in the weeks to come.

This tells the tale of Elliot and his teenage daughter Ridley who are en route to a crisis management summit with Elliot’s bosses – the pharmaceutical titan Leopold and his family in the remote wilderness when they accidentally crash into a unicorn. It isn’t long before the Leopolds get hold of this magical creature and their scientists discover that its flesh, blood, and, most of all, horn are endowed with supernaturally curative properties, which the Leopolds seek to exploit.

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