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About Endlessness Roy Andersson

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Top 150 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2019: #11. About Endlessness – Roy Andersson

Top 150 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2019: #11. About Endlessness – Roy Andersson

About Endlessness

With his celebrated Living trilogy behind him (which took fourteen years to complete), Swedish auteur uses his favored vignette formatting to tackle One Thousand and One Nights with his latest, About Endlessness. Previously, Andersson competed in Berlin at the beginning of his career with 1970’s A Swedish Love Story, but became a prominent auteur of note following the succession of Songs from the Second Floor (2000), which won the Jury Prize at Cannes, followed up by 2007’s You, the Living (programmed in Un Certain Regard), and 2014’s A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, which took home the Golden Lion out of Venice. His latest is produced by Pernilla Sandström, Johan Carlsson and Håkon Øverås through Andersson’s Stockholm based company Roy Andersson Film Production, alongside Norway’s 4 ½ Germany’s Essential Filmproduktion and France’s Societe Parisienne de Production. His cast includes a group of newcomers, including Martin Serner, Ania Novia, Lisa Blohm, and Magnus Wallgren.

Gist: Scripted by Andersson, About Endlessness portends to be about the preciousness and beauty of our existence, with narrator Scheherazade reflecting on a tableau of storylines, which runs a gamut of Adolf Hitler, a priest, and a champagne loving woman, amongst others.

Release Date/Prediction: Principal photography began in early 2018, with a planned summer 2019 release of the film, marking this a probability for Andersson’s first return to the Cannes comp in nearly two decades.

Los Angeles based Nicholas Bell is's Chief Film Critic and covers film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and TIFF. He is part of the critic groups on Rotten Tomatoes, The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA), the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS) and GALECA. His top 3 for 2021: France (Bruno Dumont), Passing (Rebecca Hall) and Nightmare Alley (Guillermo Del Toro). He was a jury member at the 2019 Cleveland International Film Festival.

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