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Maggie Cheung @ MWFF

For the 100th anniversary of Chinese cinema, the MWFF selected two important personalities for the region for the Tribute portion of the festival. One is filmmaker Chen Kaige and the other is actress Maggie Cheung – who flew all the way down to Montreal in what happens to be a very hectic schedule for her which include work in both Europe and Asia. Here’s just some of the parts of transcript that found of interest:

Q: There was talk about you having a greater role
in 2046, and would you have like to have a bigger role
in the film.


“What happened is that I originally had a big role in
2046. It was said at the time of In the Mood for Love that 2046 would be a continuation of the film. So, for him it was really 2 films together. So it was natural
I would have a big role in the film. However the
timing was wrong. I had 3 film shoots in a short span
of 3 months, including Clean
in Toronto. So, I called him and let him know I wouldn’t have time for the role
and I wasn’t sure what would happened to me in a few
months. Then he called me several times in January to ask me
to do the part again and to let me know he was ready
to start the project again. I wasn’t ready to go. I
was tired at the time and I wasn’t ready to play the
part. So, when he called me again I just had to say
‘sorry I can’t do it’….”

“no hard feelings. I mean, I am upset I lost that part
but I understand he had to get the project going. I
understand that. The set was already billed and he
needed to do something with it. WKW couldn’t afford
to wait another 3 months for another set to be built
for another film.

Q: Who would you like to work with?

A: I like the 1st part of the question because I really
want to work with David Lynch. Once someone told me that
if I wanted to work with him I should mention it every
time I had a press conference. I’m glad to be asked
otherwise I don’t know how to bring it up. So, David Lynch
would be the 1st on the list. Otherwise there would be
Gus Van Sant, Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch. Many names, mostly
independent filmmakers. The people I want to work with
are independent filmmakers and not studios”.

Q: When asked how she felt about being honored by this festival, Cheung responded:

“well, I’m truly honored to be honest. That’s why I’m
here today because it’s really not on my way for my
schedule, I changed some dates to be here. To be
recognized for my 22 year career it’s important for me
to be here and I’m very flattered. I’m happy to have
come here, it’s my first time in Montreal.

Pictures courtesy of Pierre-Alexandre Despatis. (C) 2005

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