Future Weather

Future Weather

Release Date: 2013-03-01
NYC and/or LA Release


Film Genre(s): Drama

United States


Lauduree is a teenage loner passionate about nature and worried about global warming. Greta, her grandmother, is a caustic nurse jaded by alcohol and disappointment. They're thrust into each other's lives when Lauduree's mother flees to pursue her long-held dream of being a make-up artist for the stars. Lauduree clings to the secluded rural trailer where she lives, but when she's caught shoplifting a compact flourescent lightbulb, she's forced to give up her carbon sequestration experiment and move to Greta's. In denial about Greta's impending plans to sell her house and move to Florida with her boyfriend Ed, Lauduree turns to the junior high science club, where she pushes her environmental anxieties to a dangerous extreme. Meanwhile, Greta, secretly daunted by commitment, begins using Lauduree as an excuse to sabotage her plans with Ed. As the two women struggle with the mother's disappearance, they inch closer to one another, finding brief moments of redemption and transcendence in an uncertain time.


This won the Sloan Feature Film Award at this year's Hamptons Film Festival. It also received the jury prize for Best U.S. Narrative Feature from Napa Valley Film Festival and the Crystal Heart Award from the Heartland Film Festival. The script for Future Weather received the Showtime Tony Cox Award for Screenwriting, an honor shared with Sophie Barthes and Debra Granik.