Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2016: #37. Peter Greenaway’s Walking to Paris

Walking to Paris Peter Greenaway

Walking to Paris

Director: Peter Greenaway
Writer: Peter Greenaway

Before he turns 80 years old and cinema dies, auteur Peter Greenaway has announced his plans to finish up thirty projects in the next seven years or so. He’s whittling away at his goal, last year unveiling his first title in a planned trilogy on Sergei Eisenstein at Berlin, the bombastic and beautiful Eisenstein in Guanajuato. With planned projects on Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch and more Eisenstein on the way, Greenaway takes a detour in 2016 with Walking to Paris, a portrait of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, who walked from Bucharest to Paris in 1903 and 1904. British actor Emun Elliott (who has appeared in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Exodus: Gods and Kings) stars as Brancusi, while Swiss actress Carla Juri (of the infamous Wetlands (review), 2013) and Scottish actor Gianni Capaldi are also in the cast.

Cast: Emun Elliott, Carla Juri, Gianni Capaldi

Production Co./Producers: Cinatura’s Kees Kasander

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available. TBD (domestic) TBD (international).

Release Date: Reportedly filming, we’re unsure if Greenaway will be ready for Cannes, but if it doesn’t show up there, we’d guess Venice (or even Rome, where Goltzius and the Pelican Company unveiled in 2012).

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