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SXSW Interview: Adele Romanski (Leave Me Like You Found Me)

Starting off as an editor, Adele Romanski went on to produce a number of well-received indies, among them The Myth of the American Sleepover, and this year’s Sundance Film Fest preemed Black Rock. Now Romanski is back with her directorial debut Leave Me Like You Found Me.

Leave Me is about a couple reuniting on a camping trip, and dealing with all the baggage and complications they had left behind. The film was done with a skeleton crew over a two-week shoot in Sequoia National Forest. In the interview, Romanski talks about using location as an obstacle, the absurdity of “starting over,” and having a sometimes hands-on, sometimes hands-off approach.

Jesse Klein (MFA in Film and Video Production from The University of Texas at Austin) is a Montreal-born filmmaker and writer. His first feature film, Shadowboxing, (RVCQ '10, Lone Star Film Festival '10) . As well as contributing to IONCINEMA, he is the senior contributor to This Recording and writes for ION Magazine and Hammer to Nail. Top Films From Contemporary Film Auteurs: Almodóvar (All About My Mother), Coen Bros. (Fargo), Dardenne Bros. (Rosetta), Haneke (The White Ribbon), Hsiao-Hsien (Flowers of Shanghai), Kar-wai (In The Mood For Love), Kiarostami (Close-Up), Lynch (Blue Velvet), Tarantino (Jackie Brown), Van Sant (To Die For), von Trier (Breaking The Waves)

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