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Annual Top Films Lists

Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2016: #33. Abel Ferrara’s Siberia


Director: Abel Ferrara
Writers: Abel Ferrara, Chris Zois

This may be a bit of wishful thinking for Ferrara to have his latest endeavor ready in time. Following a lucrative 2014, which saw premieres of his excellent Welcome to New York and the biopic Pasolini, Ferarra announced another collaboration with actor Willem Dafoe, titled Siberia. The project has been described as “a subjective and objective journey into the subconscious,” inspired by Carl Jung’s The Red Book. However, Ferrara went to Kickstarter to raise 500K for the film back in June, but the project didn’t reach it’s goal. We’re not sure how this affected Ferrara’s announcement of filming commencing on October, 2015, as he had mentioned other avenues of possible funding. The controversial filmmaker hasn’t confirmed any update on the project, so with a bit of wishful thinking, perhaps no news is good news.

Cast: Willem Dafoe

Production Co./Producer(s): TBA.

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available. TBD (domestic/international).

Release Date: Since it’s not confirmed if Ferrara’s begun filming, we’re not entirely sure. If he’s still collecting funding, this will likely be a project pushed to 2017.

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Los Angeles based Nicholas Bell is's Chief Film Critic and covers film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, TIFF and AFI. His top 3 theatrical releases for 2017: Andrei Konchalovsky's Paradise, Amat Escalante's The Untamed and Terence Davies' A Quiet Passion.

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