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Exclusive Clip: Last Call At The Oasis

Over the last two decades, director Jessica Yu has jumped from fictional features (Ping Pong Playa) to prime time television (American Dreams, Grey’s Anatomy) to intimate documentaries (In The Realms Of The Unreal, Protagonist) and back again. Last fall at the Toronto International Film Fest, she premiered her latest doc, Last Call At The Oasis, which unveils humanity’s looming water crisis with hard science, humor, and effortless style. To enlighten us about the oncoming catastrophe, Yu has rounded up a top notch cast which includes leading scientists like Jay Famiglietti, a hydology scientist working with NASA, famed lawyer/activist Erin Brockovich, and even Jack Black, who comes on board to mockingly sell recycled sewer water to Americans who are disgusted at the thought.

This exclusive clip shows just one of many worrisome examples of water shortage that we currently face. Here is a peek at the situation that the residents of Las Vegas are starting to deal with. The level of Lake Mead will shortly be too low to supply water to the Hoover Dam, meaning that the city of sin will lose its main electricity source. Scary stuff folks. Get informed. Seek out the film on its limited release starting May 4th. Visit the official site.

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