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NMFF: Gabriele Salvatores

Director Gabriele Salvatores was in town to accompany his newest film which is in the fest’s official competition category.

After his successful international thriller I’m Not Scared, Quo Vadis, Baby? tells the story of Fortyish Giorgia, an unkempt, unglamorous, short-tempered but quick-witted investigator who works in her father’s private detective agency in Bologna, spends most of her time trailing cheating spouses with telephoto cameras. One day she receives a box of video diaries of her younger sister Ada, sixteen years after she had committed suicide. The tapes show a happy, extroverted girl fully involved in her future – struggling to start an acting career and keeping an affair secret from her boyfriend. This isn’t the portrait of a suicidal young woman. Giorgia begins to suspect that Ada’s death was something more sinister. As she negotiates the twists and turns of the mystery, Giorgia finds herself descending deeper and deeper into the black hole of her family’s past.

Photos by Pierre-Alexandre Despatis (c).

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