Apartment 21: Neighbors Lose Their Balance in Radu Muntean’s One Floor Below (Un Certain Regard)

Radu Muntean's One Floor Below

Radu Muntean will be sojourning on the Croisette again, more precisely the Debussy Theatre, home of the Un Certain Regard section. Joining fellow Romanian filmmaker Corneliu Porumboiu (The Treasure) in the same competing section, half a decade after preeming Tuesday, After Christmas, Muntean will make his third trip to Cannes with one of our most anticipated films in One Floor Below.

Starring popular Romanian new wave figure Teo Corban (see his memorable debut in 12:08 East of Bucharest), Iulian Postelnicu, Oxana Moravec, Ionuț Bora, Ioana Flora, Tatiana Iekel and Adrian Văncică, after being the sole unfortunate witness to a domestic quarrel that ends up in murder, Pătrașcu finds himself at odds with two very close neighbors: one is the bizarre murderer. The other is his conscience. Here’s the trailer for One Floor Below:

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