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Interview: Lenny & Harpo Guit – Mother Shmuckers

Lenny Guit and Harpo Guit are the masterminds behind Mother Shmuckers (Fils de Plouc), one of the most unhinged comedies to grace Sundance’s Midnight section in years. The film follows two brothers, Isaachar (Maxi Delmelle) and Zabulon (Harpo Guit), a demented Merry and Pippin duo hunting for food and their lost dog, January Jack.

The Guit brothers grew up in Paris and were educated in Belgium—where they used a first-feature film grant, handheld cameras and three weeks of hilarity to create Mother Shmuckers: a work of fiction with doc-style immediacy, an unpredictable mash-up between Dumb and Dumber, Three Stooges, The Office and Tim & Eric (but even more low-fi and self-reverential).

Be forewarned: the film commits itself to gross-out humor early on — but if you can handle that, stick around: you’ll be delighted by the rest of their eccentric arsenal. Expect a cult following. In our conversation we tap into the Guit brothers’ comedic style, how they work and the look of the film.

Dylan Kai Dempsey is a New York-based writer/filmmaker. His reviews have been published in Vanity Fair, Variety, No Film School, and He’s also developing a graphic novel as well as his own award-winning pilot script, #Likes4Lucas. He began as a development intern at Bonafide Productions in L.A. and Rainmark Productions in London.

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