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Annual Top Films Lists

Top 200 Most Anticipated Films of 2013: Picks 200-101

Because, looking forward, 2013 promises to be such a fruitful cornucopia of cinema, we were excited to be able to easily list an additional 100 titles we are eagerly looking forward to catching in the new year. From these 200-101 titles, we’re happy to list several projects featuring the extremely busy Isabelle Huppert, include two English language projects, Ned Benson’s split film project The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby His/Hers and the Niels Arden Oplev film, Dead Man Down (and don’t forget her French projects, a starring turn in Serge Bozon’s followup, Tip Top as well as Guillaume Nicloux’s The Religious).

Additionally, the horror genre should be extremely noteworthy in the coming year, with new projects from Neil Marshall (The Descent), Alexandre Aja (High Tension), Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire), Lucky McKee (May) and directing team Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury (Inside). We’ve got two Australian beauties playing princess (Kidman as Grace and Watts as Di), and, of considerable note, a new film from Alejandro Jodorowsky, his first film to be made since 1990’s The Rainbow Thief.

Since his award winning 2009 debut The Maid, Sebastian Silva debuts two new films in 2013, both starring Michael Cera and both listed here. We have an English language debut from Anne Fontaine, not to mention new films from a bevy of excellent female French directors of note including Emmanuelle Bercot, Sophie Blondy, Agnes Jaoui, Valiere Donzelli, and Nicole Garcia. Filmmaking masters Peter Bogdonovich, Carlos Saura, Bertrand Tavernier all have new films, not to mention hotly anticipated followups from Lee Daniels, Rodney Evans, Denis Villeneuve, David Gordon Green, Shion Sono, Pia Marais, and Justin Kurzel. Glut yourself on 200 hot titles for 2013, which is shaping up to be a glorious year in cinema, indeed.

101. Tip Top – Dir. Serge Bozon (France)
102. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Hers – Dir. Ned Benson (US)
103. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: His – Dir. Ned Benson (US)
104. The Dances of Reality – Dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky (Mexico)
105. The Last Voyage of Demeter – Dir. Neil Marshall (UK)
106. Colt 45 – Dir. Fabrice du Welz (Belgium)
107. Lovelace – Dir. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman (US)
108. Among the Living – Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury (France)
109. All Cheerleaders Die – Dir. Lucky McKee (US)
110. Beauty and the Beast – Dir. Christophe Gens (France)
111. Horns – Dir. Alejandro Aja (US)
112. Panda Eyes – Dir. Isabel Coixet (Spain)
113. The Butler – Dir. Lee Daniels (US)
114. He Left Sunday – Dir. Nicole Garcia (France)
115. Innocence – Dir. Hilary Brougher (US)
116. Dead Man Down – Dir. Niels Arden Oplev (US)
117. Last Days on Mars – Dir. Ruari Robinson (UK)
118. Space Station 76 – Dir. Jack Plotnick (US)
119. Two Mothers – Dir. Anne Fontaine (US)
120. His Wife – Dir. Michel Spinosa (France)
121. The Happy Sad – Dir. Rodney Evans (US)
122. Why Don’t You Play In Hell? – Dir. Shion Sono (Japan)
123. The Woman In the Cage – Dir. Mikkel Norgaard (Denmark)
124. Chinese Puzzle – Dir. Cedric Klapisch (France)
125. Layla Fourie – Dir. Pia Marais (Germany)
126. Mobius – Dir. Eric Rochant (France)
127. Night Train to Lisbon – Dir. Bille August (Germany)
128. Perfect Sisters – Dir. Stanley M. Brooks (US)
129. 3096 – Dir. Sherry Horman (Germany)
130. An Enemy – Dir. Denis Villeneuve (Canada)
131. Magic Magic – Dir. Sebastian Silva (US)
132. 33 Dias – Dir. Carlos Saura (Spain)
133. Joe – Dir. David Gordon Green (US)
134. Making Love – Dir. Djinn Carrenard (France)
135. Scorpion In Love – Dir. Santiago Zannou (Spain)
136. Grand Piano – Dir. Eugenio Mira (Spain)
137. Spies & Gilstrup – Dir. Cristoffer Boe (Denmark)
138. Corpus Christi – Dir. Richard Kelly (US)
139. Hand in Hand – Dir. Valerie Donzelli (France)
140. Some Velvet Morning – Dir. Neil Labute (US)
141. It Goes – Dir. Emmanuelle Bercot (France)
142. Wolf – Dir. Bogdan Mustata (Romania)
143. Under the Rainbow – Dir. Agnes Jaoui (France)
144. The Star of the Day – Dir. Sophie Blondy (France)
145. Spirit of ’45 – Dir. Ken Loach (UK)
146. Squirrel to the Nuts – Dir. Peter Bogdanovich (US)
147. Gold – Dir. Thomas Arslan (Germany)
148. May In the Summer – Dir. Cherien Dabis (US)
149. A Single Shot – Dir. David Rosenthal (US)
150. Violette – Dir. Martin Provost (France)
151. Very Good Girls – Dir. Nomi Foner (US)
152. Labor Day – Dir. Jason Reitman (US)
153. All Is Lost – Dir. J.C. Chandor (US)
154. The Wait – Dir. M. Blash (US)
155. Wrong Cops – Dir. Quentin Dupieux (France/US)
156. La Ultima Pelicula – Dir. Raya Martin & Mark Peranson (Mexico)
157. Milo – Dir. Jacob Vaughan (US)
158. The Rambler – Dir. Calvin Lee Reader (US)
159. Grisgris – Dir. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (France)
160. Michael Kolhaas – Dir. Arnaud des Pallieres (France)
161. The Religious – Dir. Guillaume Nicloux (France)
162. Quai d’Orsay – Dir. Bertrand Tavernier (France)
163. August: Osage County – Dir. John Wells (US)
164. The Canyons – Dir. Paul Schrader (US)
165. The Counselor – Dir. Ridley Scott (US)
166. Side Effects – Dir. Steven Soderbergh (US)
167. Grace of Monaco – Dir. Olivier Dahan (UK)
168. The Day of the Real, Perfect Plesiosaur – Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan)
169. Diana – Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel (US/UK)
170. Carrie – Dir. Kimberly Pierce (US)
171. Barefoot – Dir. Andrew Fleming (US)
172. Breathe In – Dir. Drake Doremus (US)
173. Some Girl(s) – Dir. Daisy von Scherler Mayer (US)
174. Chavez – Dir. Diego Luna (US)
175. God Help the Girl – Dir. Stuart Murdoch (UK)
176. The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete – Dir. George Tillman Jr. (US)
177. Malavita – Dir. Luc Besson (US)
178. Tracks – Dir. John Curran (Australia)
179. Fading Gigolo – Dir. John Turturro (US)
180. Mojave – Dir. William Monahan (US)
181. A Fall From Grace – Dir. Jennifer Lynch (US)
182. The Invisible Woman – Dir. Ralph Fiennes (UK)
183. Dark Touch – Dir. Marina de Van (France)
184. All Are Dead – Dir. Beatriz Sanchis (Spain)
185. History of the Arkanar Massacre – Dir. Aleksei German (Russia)
186. Therese – Dir. Charlie Stratton (US)
187. Crystal Fairy – Dir. Sebastian Silva (US)
188. My Sisters – Dir. Lars Kraume (Germany)
189. Europa Report – Dir. Sebastian Cordero (US)
190. Nurse 3D – Dir. Doug Aaroniokoski (US)
191. Our Kind of Traitor – Dir. Justin Kurzel (UK)
192. La Crème de la crème – Dir. Kim Chapiron (France)
193. The Sacrament – Dir. Ti West (US)
194. The Seventh Son – Dir. Sergey Bodrov (US)
195. The Sea – Dir. Stephen Brown (UK)
196. The Informant – Julien Leclerq (France/UK)
197. Unicorns – Dir. Leah Myerhoff (US)
198. The Green Blade Rises – Dir. A.J. Edwards (US)
199. This Is the End – Dir. Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen (US)
200. Robocop – Dir. Jose Padilha (US)

Los Angeles based Nicholas Bell is's Chief Film Critic and covers film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and TIFF. He is part of the critic groups on Rotten Tomatoes, The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA), the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS) and GALECA. His top 3 for 2021: France (Bruno Dumont), Passing (Rebecca Hall) and Nightmare Alley (Guillermo Del Toro). He was a jury member at the 2019 Cleveland International Film Festival.

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